What Our Members Say About WOW


WOW membership empowers and enriches women entrepreneurs

  • WOW has been a wonderful way for me to learn how to network with other women business owners in our community.  I had been in a business for 15 years that was incredibly supportive and received all the education I could possibly need to be successful, yet I still wanted to meet other women in different businesses.  I have learned so much and have been so inspired by the women I’ve met in WOW because they are true entrepreneurs who are making a difference for their families and the community.  I especially like our 2 minute check in where we each get a chance to say who our perfect referral is, because it not only helps us to refer people, but it helps me to identify who I’m looking for each meeting.  I have made friends for life and have grown my business because of my participation in WOW.

    Author's imageBecky FoxMary Kay
  • I have been a member of WOW since the group’s origination. I was fairly new to being in business on my own at the time, having quit a corporate job to be an entrepreneur. Working from home was a different experience for me and it’s been really nice to have that semi-monthly connection to other women who are also in business for themselves. I have not only grown my business as a result of being a member of WOW, I have formed lasting friendships with other members. The value of my WOW membership far exceeds the minimal monthly cost!

    Author's imageKim JulenGoldSwap Agent
  • WOW has been a great way for me to connect with like-minded businesswomen to learn and become better acquainted with the local business landscape and the community. As a newcomer to the region, in an already established business, making new connections with local business people to create and sustain strong ties to the community was important to me. Because Women of Wealth is about continuing education, learning about each others’ businesses, helping each other bridge challenges in our businesses and having fun while benefiting a local charity, it meets many of my personal and professional needs.

    Kellee GabelThe Web Professional, Inc. (former member)