Linda Fliss, M.A.

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    Twin Cities Life Coaching
    1937 Woodlane Drive #204
    Woodbury, MN 55125

    Phone: 651-731-9191


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  • Business Summary

    Life Coaching can help create a plan to live the life you deserve.

    Linda Fliss is the owner of Twin Cities Life Coaching. Linda has over 8 years of experience in guiding and helping others. She is a former relationship and trauma therapist, so she knows the difference between therapy and coaching. She is a Self-Care advocate because she knows how vital it is to a life of peace, happiness and love.

    Linda is passionate about life coaching, the positive impact she has seen it have in the lives of so many of her clients, and the way being a life coach affords her the opportunity to help people become more congruent in their lives in ways that she could not do as a therapist.

    Linda holds a B.S in Psychology, a Masters in General Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa and a specialized certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Mary’s University. Linda also holds certification from the Health Coaching Institute and is an RRCA certified run coach.

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    • I’m so grateful for meeting Linda and for my wonderful 90-day life coaching experience! Linda is a positive and talented life coach who has a variety of experiences and skill sets she’s able to tap into to provide beneficial guidance on just about any topic.

      Life coaching is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. I have learned so much about building healthy habits and can see improvements in my ability to handle stress, change, and in making myself a priority. I actually lost 10 pounds throughout the program and have kept it off! I love how my learnings are helping others close to me too.

      I feel equipped with new knowledge and tools for being the best and most positive person I can be.

      Thank you Linda for all your time, feedback and support! You are the best!


      I think Life Coaching is a good investment for anyone struggling to be a good person. Life gets hard sometimes, and it was very good to have someone to talk to each week and help you through the bad times. I learned valuable tips on how to live life better. I learned many things from Linda Fliss too, which I would also say that she is a very thoughtful, kind individual. I’m grateful to have gotten the opportunity to do Life Coaching. It was helpful and insightful. Thanks, Linda!

    • My name is Tammy, I have been working with Linda Fliss through Twin Cities Life Coaching for 6 weeks. It has been one of the best investments in my life! I highlighted “my life” because for the past 50 years, I had been focusing on what I could do to help others with their lives. I started giving pieces of myself away at an early age. By the time I hit mid-life, with my kids grown up, my husband traveling for work and having to go back to work outside the home, I felt empty.

      In a short time she has turned my life around. I had been to talk to a few other counselors in the past and had horrible experience! The minute we started talking, I recognized that Linda was a good match. She is giving me real tools to help me recognize the signals in my brain, how to control them and how to use my words to turn conflict situations into productive conversations. I am also learning how to be more confident in my career and in my life in general. I still have some work to do, but I look forward to every session! Thank you Linda!


      Before seeing Linda Fliss’s website, I looked into a few different coaches. I choose her because she stood out from other coaches by way of education and experience with relationships. She was passionate about helping me meet my goals with my life issues. Through her support and compassion, I was able to reach my goals much easier and take them farther than any therapist was ever able to help me do. Working with Linda Fliss was a great experience and I would hire her again to coach me with any life goals.